December 30, 2008

sn_shift.jpg著名日本网络杂志-SHIFT,在即将过去的2008年底采访了我们”上海青然”-Super Nature Design. 与此同时,我们也为SHIFT创作了2009年01月份的 “互动封面“,当然你需要Adobe Shockwave Player网络媒体插件才能充分体验精彩内容。有兴趣的朋友们,可以直接点击以下的links阅读我们的采访和欣赏互动封面设计。

Making a cover for SHIFT is our first piece of work for 2009. It is also the 1st issue of Shift in year 2009. The concept for this SHIFT cover is representing ‘S-h-i-f-t’ our perception & explores the sense of playfulness in the topology field. The virtual ‘geographical’ topology is reflecting the inter-changeable and transformable process of interaction in our creative thinking process. To view the work, you will need Adobe Shockwave Player.

Read more about the interview of Super Nature Design by Shift.

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SUPER NATURE at Kyoorius Designyatra 08

Super Nature Design在11月受吉隆坡的Kyoorius Designyatra邀请,参与了名为“retrospective_my”的平面海报设计展。这个展览是由马来西亚设计机构 – Kraftgrafik组织,介绍本土/亚洲优秀设计师对马来西亚当地文化传统的洞察结合设计理念分享出自己的见解。我们被展出的海报设计围绕着“The growth of a nation”为主题创作,运用自然植物生长规律影射当今国家多民族文化发展所要具备的条件与环境。

As a parellel event to Kyoorius Designyatra in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kraftgrafik is curating an exhibition entitled “retrospective_my” to showcase Malaysian Designers, alongside to create an insight to local heritage and background. Super Nature Design was invited to participate for this exhibition. The title of our work: “The growth of a nation”. Our design is depicting the growth of a nation and foster the root of multiculturalism in our country development.

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December 13, 2008
SUPER NATURE presentation and lecture@Fudan University


我们Super Nature Design给复旦师生分享了我们这几年中在互动教育,艺术设计和商业领域里摸索的宝贵经验和精彩作品,并以互动提问的方式和同学交流我们在商业上的互动理念。经过3个多小时的演讲,让我们再一次都互相回首想念从前在不同国度读书学习的情景,真的很值得怀念,做学生真好。 也希望复旦大学艺术设计系的学生和我们一样,在即将过去的2008年的结尾有个精彩的回顾和收获。

We were invited to lecture at Fudan University, Shanghai. The 3-hour session was a fruitful conversation between students & tutors from the Art & Design Programme and Super Nature. The topic of the lecture focused on user experience, inter-marriage of art, design and technology. We shared many of our experiences especially the creative process, challenges and problems we were facing, as well as our involvement in design education for the past 10 years.

The lecture concludes our achievement, tears and challenges we have gone through in 2008. We are looking forward for a better, more challenging year – 2009! 

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