January 11, 2010
“COLOUR MANIA” book feat. Super Nature Design

colour01.jpgcolour02.jpgcolour03.jpgcolour04.jpg前一阵子,收到香港友人-Victor Cheung (viction:ary)的邮包,发现是他们出版的设计新书-COLOUR MANIA正式横扫全球。当然寄给我们的原因是我们很荣幸的被收入在这本书中,但是更加使我们期待想翻开看看的原因是书中的各个作品的归纳与阐述都是由“颜色”来导航区分的,我们的作品在绿色区域,当然拉,因为我们是Super Nature嘛!我们被收录的作品是为IDN杂志做的海报设计,喜欢我们作品和觉得这本书有趣的朋友可以在你们所在当地的设计书局里都能买到,噢,对了,还透露一个兴奋的消息:这本书封面的颜色是随机不一样的,当你买到的时候可别忘了告诉我们你的书是什么颜色哦。

The new design book - COLOUR MANIA, has been launched by viction:ary in the end of 2009. The book is about a cluster of designers from all around the globe would articulate how colours connect to them in every sense alongside their designs showcased in ten colour categories and the composition of every one of them. Our poster design (created for IdN magazine) was featured in the GREEN category of this cool book!I would like to thank Victor Cheung, the founder of viction:ary for making this book be more colorful!


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January 8, 2010
Honorable Mentions@Seoul Design Competition 2009

seoul_dc01.jpgseoul_dc02.jpg在2009年末的时候,我们很高兴的收到“韩国首尔设计大赛”的入围获奖通知,我们所参展比赛的互动装置作品-The Windcatcher(风行者),经过2000多组来自世界各地的设计团体互相角逐,最终获得荣誉提名奖项!在此感谢主办方和一直支持我们Super Nature Design的设计同行与朋友们!

We were very excited to receive the final result of Seoul Design Competition 2009, and our super installation work - “The Windcatcher” was awarded a honorable mentions. This is the best new year gift for ourselves in the end of 2009. Thank you to the people who were supporting us all along.

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