May 18, 2010
Super Nature at Pipit-magazine


马来西亚吉隆坡的新锐设计杂志-Pipit在5月15日隆重出版国际创意第3期刊。Super Nature创意总监-Yeoh的最新生活创意之作-Mr.Pear&Friends荣幸被登入刊中。这个作品将会继续蔓延进我们生活大都会,喜欢我们作品的朋友请继续关注。

感谢Pipit杂志的主理人之一 Mike Ooi

We are very proudly announcing that creative director-Yeoh’s newest design lifestyle work – Mr.Pear&Friends had been featured in Pipit magazine.

Pipit is more than just a zine, as Pipit always tries the best to produce a unique and beautifully printed zine. Every single page and every bit of content inside is an invaluable asset and a collectable item for creative people. Each issue is printed in limited quantity and available worldwide.

Big thank to Mike Ooi – Founder of Pipit.

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May 15, 2010
Super Nature x nooka nooka

nookanooka1nooka2nooka3又一次的有趣合作给大家带来喜悦,这次我们是和nooka nooka toy合作,我们的手画原稿出现在了这个可爱的玩具身上。感谢马来西亚艺术与设计潮流杂志-Pipit的主理人Mike的邀请,使得我们这次的合作成功!

玩偶身上的插画概念来自我们Super Nature对自然灵感的阐述,自然为万物之源头,为设计之灵感,自然总是能让我们无尽感叹它所带给我们的绝妙艺术与美!

It was such great fun project to do sketch drawing on nooka nooka toy. Thanks Mike from Pipit for the invitation on this project. The concept of our drawing: ” Nature is our source of inspiration and always amazed us with its floral fantasy and the splendid beauty!”

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