July 23, 2010

Super Nature的新作-“新视角NEW ANGLES”互动装置在今年5月出炉。这个作品的灵感来自有一天我们遇到的一位发放广告传单的访客。他来做宣传,却没有做丝毫的口头宣传,而只是给我们留下一张做好折线的折纸卡片。我们闲来无聊就一起完成了这个手工,结果惊讶地发现我们制作出了一个小小的彩色三角体,而广告就印在三角体的每一面,真是非常有意思!我们集体感叹,

于是在不久以后的创作过程中我们想到了这个有趣的三角体,接下来,就诞生了这个新奇的由无数小三角体组成的 “电子灯光互动屏”。靠近看,表面有点像美味的榴莲噢!这个互动屏内置了几个颜色绚丽的抽象动画与一个互动环节,交替播出。你可以一会儿欣赏好看的动画,一会儿扭动你的身体,挥舞你的双臂,在屏幕上创造属于你自己的专有图像。这个装置首先参加了2010上海国际科学与艺术展,受到了许多参观者的喜爱,我们也发现了好些个十分可爱的互动poses。

随后Super Nature有幸受到好友Rigel Davis的设计师精品服装店VANITAS开幕的邀请,给NEW ANGLES找到了一个新的展示空间,也是第一次在时尚品牌店里展出,让它给选购衣服的顾客带去快乐。悄悄透露给你们,现在New Angles又有了新去向,猜猜看它将在哪里吧。

Super Nature’s new work came out on this May already. This time we have created an interactive light installation called “NEW ANGLES”. The inspiration comes from someday, when we met an image sales who wanted to advertise us about their company. Unusually, he said nothing about the company but leave a piece of paper with fold line on it. Later when we are free, we finished the paper folding and successfully made a triangle, and the advertisement is just printed on each side of the triangle, that’s so impressive.

Later, when we were brainstorming, we came up with the idea of triangle interactive light sculpture. This interactive installation consists of a series colorful animation and interactive motion capture. You can see these colorful animation for a while, then enjoy the interaction for another, making your own fantastic movement animation! The installation has taken part in 2010Shanghai science and art exhibition.

Then we are invited by our good friend-Rigel Davis to put it into her designers fashion store VANITAS for its grand opening this summer to entertain the customers there for 1 month(JULY). The latest news is that “NEW ANGLES” will have a new location to show up soon. Guess where!

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July 22, 2010
Super Nature@prodesign magazine

Super Nature登上了新西兰杂志prodesign的第一百零五期!这是一本很全面的杂志,它们的栏目涉及平面,室内,多媒体等各种领域,非常有趣。编辑为我们起了一个专栏名称,叫做“鲜活的色彩”,介绍了我们与新西兰新锐设计师Keith Soo一起合作在上海国际科学与艺术展的参展作品“彩乐三重奏”和“风行者”与Super Nature对未来的环保展望。喜欢我们的朋友可以关注一下这本杂志,特别是在新西兰的朋友噢!

特别感谢我们的朋友Debbie Hahn采访我们, 还有keith Soo的参与以及prodesign杂志。

It’s so exiting that we are featured in New Zealand magazine prodesign-issue105! This is a comprehensive magazine, including aspects such as graphic design, interior design, multi-media design and so on, which is so great. The editor named our issue the “Living Color”, and introduced our work “C.C.C.-Co-articulation Color Construction” and “The Windcatcher” that has been exhibited at Shanghai Science and Art Exhibition. It also talked about some of our future plan.

Special thank to our friends: Debbie Hahn and Keith Soo who in collaboration with us for the interactive work “C.C.C.” and prodesign magazine!

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July 1, 2010
Super Nature Design-让城市更好玩的大男孩们

mstyle.jpg一直听说m.style杂志是一本有趣的集创意与生活有关的独立杂志,非常清新,不会让你看得很累,也有很多感想,能与设计师产生共鸣。6月,还不是太热的一天,抽空被他们采访并拍了一些有趣的照片,甚是喜欢!也很感谢他们为我们制作的7月刊“创意先锋”专访和给专访起的名字:Super Nature Design-让城市更好玩的大男孩们。


We are very happy to be featured in “Pioneer”section of m.style magazine July issue. Big thanks to their great editor-Sugar Lee and professional photographer-Jesse Xu. And we are special thank to m.style magazine give us such amazing featuring-headline title.

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