August 23, 2010

时光匆匆流逝,转瞬间,我们已经走过第十个设计历程。令人激动的是,一路走来,我们已经实现了好多设计想法!如今,我们将它们收集在一起,集合成了一本Super Nature作品集。这本书收录了我们的各种有趣的新媒体作品,比如大家熟悉的“风行者”, “ME/迷”等等。但是,Super Nature不仅仅喜欢创作有着强烈科技感的新媒体作品。

在这本作品集里,你还可以看到许多平面设计作品,摄影作品,甚至与互动结合的产品设计。风格抑或清新,抑或可爱,也有些很酷,有些很美,还有些体现了热爱自然,保护环境的内涵。除了我们的许多设计成果,作品集里还收录了一部分我们的生活与工作的画面噢,也就是我们的every perfect day! 也许不久后,有兴趣的朋友们就能在国外各大艺术与设计书店看到我们这本名为“Invisible Nature”的书出售,现在先在大马,新加坡,香港设计书局有售!

Time passed so fast. Transitorily, we are in our 10th years on design journey. What’s so exciting is that we’ve already achieved so many great ideas all along the way! Now, we’ve collected them together into a Super Nature portfolio book! This book includes many our new media works, such as “The Windcatcher” and “ME in Wonderland”. However, Super Nature is not only good at creating new media works that seems closely connected with hi-tech.

In this book, you can also see a lot of works in the field of graphic design, photography and even product design using interactive concept. The style varies from fresh and clean to cute, as well as cool and beauty. There are also works that conveys the spirit of love for the nature and protection for the environment. Except for the so many design, the portfolio also shows some of the moment of our working time and daily life, which is exactly our every perfect day! Maybe before long, people who are interested in the book can find it in the international bookstore.First batch in store now at Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong.

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August 22, 2010
Super Nature x Anywalk


今年3月,我们受邀参加了中国新锐休闲运动品牌ANYWALK的10F/W CROSSOVER主题跨界合作,并且幸运地凭借出色的设计作品拿下了最佳创意奖!这次合作的主题围绕ANYWALK品牌的“自由精神”理念以及“自由的翅膀概念元素。Super Nature根据这个主题,充分发挥创意,设计了一系列带有波普深刻意义的矢量风格图案,应用到了T恤,环保袋,特别是在休闲运动鞋上。ANYWALK于6月中在石狮总部举行了新装发布会,同时为最终评审出的三位最佳创意获奖者进行了颁奖典礼。Yeoh代表我们Super Nature出席颁奖仪式拿奖,怎么样,这位闪亮登场的男主角不比奥斯卡男影星们逊色吧!

我们当然也很喜欢自己的作品,并且在不久将来的ANYWALK零售店里,各位也能买到我们Super Nature限量合作设计的产品,希望你们喜欢。

March of 2010, Super Nature has been invited by the new vigorous brand-ANYWALK to participate in a crossover design cooperation, and with our great design works, we’ve got the “the Best Creative Award”! The theme of this activity is about the thought of “free spirit” and the concept element “wing of freedom”. According to the theme, Super Nature has brought many good ideas to bear, created some great vector style works, and put them into T-shirt, bags and shoes.

ANYWALK held their new product conference on June and at the same time the award ceremony. Yeoh is the representative of Super Nature on that day. See the cool guy on the stage?! He is the superstar of Super Nature on that night! We love our work so much. Hope so do you!

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