October 28, 2010
Super Nature visit Add a dog

addadogaddadog2addadog3addadog4addadog5milkmanaddadog7dogaddadog8addadog9巴黎,一个星期天的早晨,我和Yeoh来到了事先预约好的法国著名设计工作室(add a dog)拜访。Florence和Oliver的热情招待反映出法国人一向的浪漫情怀,他们令人吃惊的创意作品深深的影响着我们的内心,法国人的智慧和幽默一一显示在他们的作品中。在工作室里我们结识了他们的两条可爱的日本秋田犬,也许这两条秋田犬是他们组成工作室并起名的原因吧。


On Sunday morning, we have chance to visit “add a dog” studio – Florence & Oliver. Thank you so much for the warmth welcome and really inspired us by all the great work they produced. Their studio space, 2 lovely ‘hachiko’ dogs & drawings that really make us want to stay and work there too! We hope to come back to visit again! Thanks for serving us the “macarons-cookies & coffee, those cookies are home made and taste so good.

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Super Nature x Paris, France



Bon Jour!

We are here in Paris and loving it! Merci!

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Best of the Best!

ticketsugarchocosushi哈哈哈,我们在来到新西兰的第一天其实Yeoh就偷偷买了张彩票,并且后来才知道中奖了,虽然才赢5元钱,但是我们也很开心,因为幸运总是围绕者我们。好看的白糖袋,汉密尔顿最好喝的热巧克力,剑桥镇的最好吃最诱人最大块的三文鱼寿司,这些都是我们在新西兰8月之旅中的难忘片段。美丽的新西兰,Super Nature男孩将会再回来!

Best luck on the first day in New Zealand after we brought our first lucky draw instant KIWI and won $5 haha!!! Best sugar pack ever! Best hot chocolate I had in Scotts Epicurean Restaurant, Hamilton and best Sushi in Cambridge too.

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October 26, 2010
Hazel, We love you! :D

hazelhazel foodhazel3hazel cat

Thank you Hazel and Harvey for the warmth welcome to stay at your farm and all great tasty home made cooking and food that really make us feel like home! LOVE you! (p/s: Look! ‘Trouble” the cat, she is listening!”)

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Boys are back in Wanganui, New Zealand

lunch1lunch2lunch3lunch4lunch5lunch6lunch7三个大男孩终于回到了阔别多年的Wanganui,大家十分高兴,见到了老朋友,老同学,老同事,更是抓狂与兴奋。以前读书与教书的学校现已换新址,真心想念以前的老学校!中午我们与好朋友一起午餐,并且选择在我们的最爱餐馆-Orange Cafe 。


It was great to come back to Wanganui again after years being away. Met our old colleagues at Wanganui School of Design’s new campus and we had a good lunch at our favorite café – “Orange café”.Debbie tried to use her mini camera to capture the funny side of Lin yew. Lin yew ordered the best seafood pasta. He loved it! Karla and I have lamb salads and we had such a great time of seeing everyone, and now we start to miss our old friends again!

great1great2great3great4great5好朋友相聚,永远记住这一时刻,继续大口喝酒!我们向你们保证,Super Nature将会再回来,爱你们(Karla,Brendon,Mac,Michael,Debbie,Chris,Tanya,Andrea)

Great friends, great time, great beers!Until next trip, we promise to come back again for the great time! Love you all (Karla, Brendon, Mac, Michael, Debbie, Chris, Tanya, Andrea)

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