December 24, 2010

Super Nature祝大家圣诞快乐,新年快乐!美事成真!

Super Nature wish everyone have a great Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let make all wishes come true!!!Santa is coming!!! :D

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December 21, 2010
Surface + SN Crossover

2010年的尾声,我们Super Nature又和Surface中文杂志一起合作出席星巴克的2010年度随行杯设计比赛的颁奖仪式。这次我们不仅在颁奖仪式上以颁奖人出现,更心血来潮大玩Surface中文杂志封面,以此为仪式助兴!


As 2010 is coming to a close, we collaborated once again with Surface(China) Magazine as guests of honor and judges for Starbuck’s My Own Tumbler Design Competition 2010.

To celebrate such festive event with our editorial friends, we decided to spice up the covers of Surface monthly issues with our hand-drawn illustrations. We picked 10 of these issues as our ‘surfaces’ to put in some of our imaginative strokes. Each cover features ink drawings that tells a story of its own. We believe with our illustrations, even magazine can becomelovely collectables.

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December 9, 2010
Super Nature love Gold Fish!

gold1gold2gold5gold3gold4现在,我们Super Nature工作室里来了6条金鱼 。它们给我们带来了更多的是活力与某种精神,甚至灵感,而且这些金鱼将会扮演一份重要的角色出现在我们下一个作品中!敬请期待。

We have 6 beautiful gold fishes in our office now and they bring such good spirit and inspiration for us. They are going to play an important role in our next coming project.

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“New Angles” X Ebdaat Magazine, Syria.

我们收到叙利亚寄来的包裹,打开一看,原来是一本叫“Ebdaat”的杂志,翻到里面发现有一篇记载我们New Angles作品的文章,很是高兴!问了一下Yeoh关于这个杂志的采访的由来,他说这要感谢之前和我们联系过的那位采访者叫Arch.Kala Mouammar,他来自那本杂志社。我们非常喜欢这本杂志里的字体虽然我们读不明白,但是这种类型的语言非常有视觉冲击,很图形化!

We received a mail package from Syria yesterday. When we open package, it is the “Ebdaat” magazine which featuring our “New Angles” work. We are so excited and thank you so much to Arch.Hala Mouammar for writing a good article about our work and featured in the magazine. We love the typography on the magazine even we didn’t know how to read it! It is such a good graphic form and language as well.

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