March 16, 2011
Super Nature x magazine interview

00011.jpg006.jpg2010年底,Super Nature Design应雪佛兰汽车之邀参加了‘SPARK-斯帕可’新车发布会,并为该活动设计了一组互动装置Spark of Light。之后我们接受了m.style杂志的专访,采访中我们讲述了创意人对‘SPARK-斯帕可’这款微车的看法。在此感谢m.style杂志,感谢编辑sugar。该专访刊登在2011年2月刊中。

Soon after our ‘Spark of Light’ installation in Christmas 2010, we were invited by magazine to offer our opinions on the car itself and the recent ‘mini-car’ trend. We had a very enjoyable test drive on Chevrolet’s compact car. Interesting questions and views were raised on our driving experience and the current youth culture. Our comments and discussions on such matter were featured as an interview on’s February issue.

We would like to thank Sugar,’s editor, for putting together this interview.

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March 14, 2011

cutout011.jpgcutout02.jpgcutout03.jpg新年伊始,马来西亚的CUTOUT设计杂志介绍了我们Super Nature Design工作室给大马的年轻人,也特别介绍了一些我们之前的经典作品,当我们收到寄来的杂志,翻到内页看到自己很荣幸也很开心。谢谢马来西亚的CUTOUT杂志,我们将会在新的一年中继续努力!

We are happy that CUTOUT magazine is featuring us in their first issue of 2011 year. CUTOUT is a creative youth magazine that introducing graphic design, new media, music and new trends of the world to young people. They are cool magazine from Malaysia, pretty awesome! Thank you CUTOUT.

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